Mar 3, 2015

Walk it out

Truth be told you will probably never find me in a gym! The last time I stepped foot in a gym was many moons ago when I did competitive cheer leading. I am just not a gym person. Chris goes everyday, and he always says. "one day you will go with me". Ten years down and no couples gyming to be seen. All this to say that I don't enjoy conventional working out. But I do still live a very active lifestyle. I have always been a get outside kind of girl. Growing up with horses I was outside everyday training, mucking stalls, feeding. I love to go hiking, and who knew I loved to walk and walk and walk until I had a stroller to push. However, moving to Alaska taught me that no matter what the weather is you have to get outside. Or cabin fever will grab a hold of you and take you down a dark and crazy filled path.
When For Two Fitness contacted me about trying out their maternity fitness apparel I was thanking the pregnancy gods. Buying maternity workout apparel never crossed my mind. I mean I own a good amount of work out clothing for someone who does not go to the gym. I like to think my day to day life resembles a work out. Chasing after three toddlers is some kind of calorie burner. And the strength in my left arm is super human from carrying around kids the last 5 years (tell me other moms know what I mean). 
Needless to say I am obsessed with this top and pants. The top is the softest thing to caress this belly of mine. It hugs you in all the right places, and has a magical amount of stretch without being loose. The pants are some kind of wonderful. The waistband allows for you to wear them as a full panel, and pull them up over your bump. Or fold them down. They are so comfy and soft that I know I will be living in them long after baby is born. 
It's not always easy to find the motivation to get up and walk it out when the weather is constantly handing you cold, freezing, ice, and snow. But I always feel so much better after moving around a little bit. Not to mention my lower back and hips thank me for not curling up on the couch. 

Oh and if you are wondering what is on my feet....those are the latest and greatest fashion accessory! Ha! Kidding those are spikes for your shoes so you can manage to walk around the trails of Alaska. 
I highly highly recommend checking out For Two Fitness for maternity work out clothes. They have some really cute graphic tees, and for all my yoga going mamas they have so many cute options! Or if you are like me and just like to get outside, or possibly sport your workout gear to preschool pick up, you will love all the cute clothes they have. 

What I'm wearing:
jacket: marmot
top: for two fitness c/o
pants: for two fitness c/o
shoes: nike

A huge thank you to For Two Fitness for sponsoring this post. As always I would never tell you guys about a product I truly didn't enjoy. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Mar 1, 2015

lipstick trends seen at the oscars

I am sure like many people, I watched the Oscars for the red carpet arrivals. I love seeing those dresses float down the carpet, and of course I am looking at the hair and makeup. This year I was particularly looking at what lipsticks ladies were sporting. Surprisingly, many of the celebrities were wearing drugstore brands! Most likely because they are some way or another affiliated with the brand, but still, I am all about a great lipstick at an affordable price. So I decided to round up some of my favorites and hunt them down to try. I did add in a nude and a red as seen on the red carpet, and did my best to find a match. I just couldn't leave out two of my favorite colors to wear. So if you happened to see a lipstick you liked, read on a find out what it was....or you could cut your losses, I'll never know! 

Feb 25, 2015

Pregnancy Thoughts

It never fails that when you have a new beginning about to start, you think about the end. In the most non-morbid way possible. The other day I was getting the kids lunch, I grabbed three plates, three cups, three spoons. Sliced two apples and divided their parts evenly. Grabbed some chicken to cut up, and threw some snap peas and dip onto the plates. As I was doing this I couldn't help but think...soon I will be doing this for four. Everything is going to increase by one, which is so exciting but also kind of intimidating when you happen to be just one human being yourself. Of course pregnancy thoughts just can't leave it there. The mind just had to spiral out of control. It takes a twist into will I be able to give them all the attention they need? I mean Pierce and Avalon seem to be okay and they didn't receive the kind of attention Ace did. Will I be able to make sure that each and every one of them gets the right about of hugs and kisses a day? Will the number of books we read be significantly decreased (probably)? Will they all get bathed? Or will I have the smelly kids on the playground? How exactly does one break up a knock down drag out fight while breastfeeding? And down the rabbit hole we go...

I remember when I was pregnant with Pierce I had so much doubt, worry and guilt during that pregnancy. I kept thinking, how is Ace going to feel? We didn't ask him if he wanted a sibling, and a sibling so close in age nonetheless. I was so emotional towards the end of that pregnancy because I felt like I had to soak in so much with Ace. Take every picture. Keep him in our bed longer. Cuddle at every chance we got. I was actually pretty happy that Chris was away at OCS during this time because it was just Ace and I. We spent that last month of pregnancy just the two of us. Going to the hospital to have Pierce was so nerve wrecking. Not only was I about to have a baby without my husband, but it was the first time I had ever left Ace. Panic attack while my water was leaking was quite the double whammy. We went from the two of us to the three of us. I found a lot of confidence in myself and my parenting for keeping these two little boys alive for two months until Chris came home. All the doubts I had went away, and honestly they had no choice. 

All these same thoughts came on with Avalon. As excited as I was to be having another baby, I was anxious. I just didn't know how I was going to take care of three under three. They say it takes a village, well my village happens to live in the lower 48. I am so grateful that my mom stops everything to come up here and help out those first weeks of bringing home a new baby. But, I am human after all, worry creeps in. 

So here we are, counting down the weeks until baby girl gets here. We still have nothing setup. Which is quite normal for us. We excel at procrastination! I have no doubt that everything will fall into place as it has in the past, and the love and excitement of bringing home another baby will cloud any of the foolish thoughts hormones can bring about. Until then I shall soak up every crazy minute with these three, who never fail to make me want to rip out my hair while simultaneously making my heart explode! 

Feb 24, 2015

Currently Craving

Hand me a tee shirt and a great pairs of jeans, okay and maybe a pair of heels, and I am one happy girl. Denim is one of my true weaknesses. I will spend a pretty penny on a pair of jeans that I really love. It may all stem from my days of growing up on a ranch and breaking in a new pair of Wranglers every few months. Yes, that was the denim brand of choice for showing horses. But they were a raw denim and they lasted for-ev-er! It didn't matter how many times you had been thrown from a horse, they never tore. So now a days I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest denim. Truth be told I will buy denim anywhere if I like the fit. But splurging on classic pairs is more of an investment because they will last. 

Here are some of the denim trends that I am so giddy over. Never mind the fact that I have yet to give birth, but that time will come and I will be so excited to get back into some or old. 

Distressed denim is not going anywhere, so whether you take scissors to an old pair of skinnys, or you buy some, you can't go wrong. The more rips the better! 

Patchwork denim is also on the rise. So many brand are bringing out patchwork jeans, dresses, shirts, you name it put a patch on it. 

Relaxed jeans are probably the number one addition I want to make to my closet. Even though Chris won't be thrilled about "the saggy butt" look, I love them. A relaxed cropped jean with a pair of pumps, or pointed toe flats!! Sign me up!

Fitted Boyfriend jeans are the update on the boyfriend trend. Still a relaxed fit through the thigh, but skinny towards the bottom. They will give your leg a leaner look, which for me is great because I am no where near tall. 

Skinny jeans will always be a staple. They are one jean that I would recommend making that investment in because they will always be a great pair no matter what season. Sandals and heels in the summer, and over the knee boots in the winter. These AG Jeans are my very fav, can't wait to be able to wear them again!

Flares!! I mean did they ever go out of style? In my mind, no. They are every short girls dream come true. But for my vertically blessed people, they throw your legs into super model territory. I have a stockier build, so flares streamline my leg, and when thrown on with a chunky clog (also a huge favorite for spring) I look like I actually have legs on me!

Denim skirts. Love them or hate them you will see them around soon. I obviously happen to love them. A pencil skirt is kind of like a flare for my lower to the ground folks. The higher fitted waist gives the appearance of a longer leg. And if you are holding onto some mid-section pregnancy weight like I will be, the higher waist and longer hemline will just elongate everything. 

Do you have a favorite denim? I am on the hunt to add to my collection!

Below I linked to all my favs for every price point: