Sep 30, 2014

a shift dress and a thank you!

coat: asos (old)// dress: marciano (old)// tights: wolford// boots: aldo (old)

Let's start with a huge thank you!! If I could hug each and every one of you I would. Thank you for all the sweet comments on baby number four. Thank you to the amazing ladies who took time out of their day to email me, text me, and call me. This internet thing can be a real beauty (even though some parts scare me) and I am always amazed at the amount of support and well wishes that come from people that I don't actually know. But I love you anyway :)

On to the outfit, and the first appearance of the bump! There is a shift in seasons, I'm wearing a shift dress, my body is shifting, just shifting. Shifting all around. But, in my fall favs post I said I really wanted to embrace the 60's trend as much as possible before the snow hits and it would be too cold to not have heavy layers on my legs. So here is my take on it, in 40 degree weather. I love a shift dress because they can be dressed up or down. I have had this dress for so many years and it is still one that I always reach for for any occasion. And to all my cold weather livin' ladies out there, get yourself a pair of thick tights for the winter. These Wolford ones are the best investment. I say investment because they are kind of pricey as far as tights go, but they are thick (not too heavy), and perfect to layer under jeans when the temps really drop. 

And since this outfit is made up of some older pieces I put some of my current wants below that can recreate it as well. 

Sep 29, 2014

hey baby, hey baby, hey!

Baby number FOUR is set to make his or her arrival in March! 
I am 14 weeks and some change, and we could not be more excited.
Time to start looking at minivans! Four car seats are in our future. 

alternate titles to this post were:
baby one more time
and I was like baby, baby, baby, oh
oops, we did it again 
baby love
I got you babe

Sep 26, 2014

Stick it to me with Pipsticks + An offer just for you!

If there is one form of children's art/entertainment that I am a huge fan of, it's stickers! Why? Why Kelsey do you like stickers so much? Well let me explain. I spend my days walking around my house finding new graffiti murals done with crayons or markers, or when I get incredibly desperate I will pull out the dreaded play-doh (that I will regret doing when I am brushing the stuff out of the carpets). But stickers! Stickers are easy, in the event that my little artists stray from the designated crafting area and sticker the walls, goo gone will surely fix it. 
So let's talk about Pipsticks, a monthly sticker service for your children, or you if you are into that sort of thing. It is a well curated package of stickers, and craft ideas to go along with it. And just look at that cute packaging, I mean come on. There are so many different sticker sheets that come in one package, all cute and so fun. Ace is obsessed with stickers, I think it comes from school since he will get a sticker on a good in-class or homework assignment so he associates it with happy thoughts. 
We went with a little Fall theme, and I picked up a pack of foam pumpkins at the store. The children choose their stickers and got to it. The great thing is, the people over at Pipsticks know what they are doing and send so many stickers that there is no fighting to be had by the starving artists. The boys spent two hours at this table with stickers, pumpkins, and paper. Avalon lasted thirty minutes but I'll take it. 
Here is one of the finished products! Please try not to be jealous of our incredible pinterest/martha stewart-esque creations. The boys also made enough pumpkins that we now have them taped to every window. But I like it. Ace is already asking when his next sticker box will come in the mail! 

Okay, okay, I know I said there is something in it for you. And there is! The amazing people at Pipsticks are giving away a first month FREE to Pardon My French readers!! Just head over to their website and at checkout enter the code PARDON. This will work on individual or family size subscriptions. They also ship internationally so no one is left out here. If you happen to not be into the sticker game, you can also use the code to gift a package to someone else. Pretty awesome if you ask me. 

Happy stickering! 

A huge thank you to Pipsticks for sponsoring this post!

Sep 24, 2014

Mom Hair

please excuse the lack of makeup and my split ends. all will be remedied in due time. 

This post could have also been titled "the evolution of dirty hair", but I didn't think that was very inviting. But I am a mom, and I do have hair so mom hair it is! Lately I have gotten a few questions as to "how I go so long without washing my hair", totally justified question. Chris actually asks me this all the time. He just for the life of him cannot understand why I don't wash my hair everyday. Simple answer is....I don't have that kind of time. I can maybe jump in the shower for six minutes before someone has attempted the amputation of limbs from another someone in the house. So I thought I would just lay it out for you. 

Day 1- I try to shower at night allowing my hair to air dry (no heat minimal breakage). I wake up before my children so I will just take some time to curl my hair. My favorite, and fast way of curling my hair is just some messy waves. I spray dry shampoo on my roots (I use this one) and brush throughout my hair. In my experience curls do not hold unless you dirty your hair up a bit, so spray dry shampoo or a texturizing spray in there to give it some grit. Then I use a 1" curling wand, my favorite one is this Hot Tools one. Then I take large sections and wrap them a couple times around the wand, leaving the ends out to give it that messy look. Then shake it all out, hit it with some hair spray and I'm good to go!

Day 2- Since my hair is still in relatively presentable shape I like to keep it down on day two of this hair saga. So I will either pin it to the side, or throw it in a half up half down messy bun. Throughout all of this volume is key! So pull out your teasing comb and give your hair some life. Sally's carries my favorite teaser for $2, highly recommend!

Day 3- At this point my curls have lost much of their bounce so it is time to move the hair up and out. A messy high pony is one of my go-to's. Use that teaser to pump up the hair around the crown of your head, then throw it up high and be on your way. I also spray a little more dry shampoo if I need it. 

Day 4- By day four my hair says, I can only give you so much. So top knot to the rescue!! I love a top knot on any given occasion, but especially when I am trying to make my hair last just one more day. I have no one way of doing a top knot, I just take a hair tie, gather my hair at the highest point on my head and start wrapping. Most days it takes me a couple times before it is in ballerina territory. At night I shower and usually start this song and dance all over again. 

Just to clarify, I shower everyday (well sometimes) just hair washing is not involved. There are many more hair styles that I like to sport, but these are the simple, no fuss ones that get me through a busy week with the kiddos. 

What about you? Should I be trying something else? Give me the goods ladies! or men we don't discriminate over here.