Pardon My French

Mar 31, 2015

Color Pop

sweatshirt: j crew // jeans: zara (similar) // shoes: h&m (old, loving these)
clutch: kate spade // sunglasses: ray-ban // lipstick: tom ford in pablo

Technically is spring in Alaska. Meaning, the snow is melting and the temps are in the upper 40's! This is fantastic news!! It means no parka, you can easily get away with a long sleeve, or light sweater if you are just running around. The kids can go play out back with a jacket and mittens on. Plus it is all just a little bit easier on the getting everyone ready front. 

And me? I am just happy to have my closet back!!! Hip-hip-hooray! I have done a major closet clean out, and am in the process of beefing up my basics, and investing in more staple pieces. It feels good to de-clutter one of the spaces I spend the most time in. This sweatshirt was one of the pieces that I really wanted to add, (which is now on sale!!). I don't have a ton of navy, and since it has the sequins at the bottom it is a great piece to dress up or down. Simple yet chic. And pops of color just make me happy... 

Mar 30, 2015

Back in the saddle

There is nothing I love more than a good hike! Former moving to Alaska Kelsey would laugh at that statement. But since living here I have truly fallen in love with hiking. Okay, maybe I should slow down a bit and say I love an easy hike....

This weekend provided the perfect opportunity to get out of the house. We take our role as tour guides very seriously and make it a point to drag my mom on all our favorite hikes while she is visiting. We really like to make her appreciate the heat in Las Vegas, because the lady gets c-o-l-d up here in Alaska. But how can you not love to get out and enjoy this view? Plus the kids can just run around with mild supervision and we can still call it parenting. I will admit that I am one of those parents that hoards their newborn inside because I am a germaphobe. Oh judge and judge hard folks! Chris even said I have become soooo much more relaxed about taking them out of the house as each kid was born (if this is relaxed, just imagine how I was with Ace). I think you have to get out if you have other kids that will burn your house down if you keep them cooped up. But I am totally fine with taking Odette out for some fresh air and let the sun shine down on her pretty little face. Taking her to a public place? Negative ghost rider, I am a werido. 
We went to one of our favorite family friendly hiking areas, Eagle River Nature Center, last time we hiked it, it was covered in ice. This time it was muddy, 40 degrees, and perfect for the boys to sit in the stroller.

Mar 27, 2015

Odette's Birth Story

I am actually pretty excited to get this typed out, seeing as how it's the first one I have done. If you have been following along during this pregnancy you know that it went by super fast for me. Well, labor and delivery were no different. Let's start at the beginning....

I started have really intense braxton hicks at around 34 weeks. Judging from my past pregnancies I knew these were really doing something. Sure enough when I went in for my 37 (just shy of 38) week appointment I asked my doctor to just do a quick check because I felt like I was already walking around dilated. Sure enough he said, "oh ya you're at a good 3 cm and about 60 % effaced". I was a little shocked because with the other kids that was usually my 38 week appointment result. But I called my mom right away, since she was our designated childcare for delivery day. She had bought her ticket from Vegas for the next Friday, which was ten days away. I told her that based on that appointment I didn't think I would even make it through the weekend. She began to panic, but despite our best efforts there were no plane tickets to get her here any sooner. 

I woke up Thursday morning with my belly lower than I could imagine. I remember thinking, she is coming soon. I could barely walk around, let alone bend. My stomach was just hanging so far down. I wanted to just take it easy and hopefully make it to the weekend when Chris would be off. Even though one does not have any control over these things, it was worth a try. Thursday night after Chris got home I said, "we should really put the car seat in the car now". Friday morning I got up and was having a couple contractions every hour. Every time I would feel one coming I would just change positions hoping to see that it was another braxton hicks and not true labor. This went on all day. I would walk around until the contraction died down, or if I was standing I would just sit right away. They all eventually tapered off, and completely stopped by the time I went to bed. But I just knew it wasn't going to be much longer. 

Mar 26, 2015

Guest Post: Britt from The Fisk Files

I really cannot put into words how happy I am to have Britt from The Fisk Files posting here today! If you aren't reading her blog and marveling at her photography, then I'm not really sure what you're doing on the internet. Britt is one of the first bloggers I connected with when I started blogging, and I just absolutely love her writing and following along with her beautiful family. I could go on and on, trust me. But I am typing with one hand while breastfeeding, and my fingers are cramping, so I will let her do her thing...

I am so happy to be sharing on Kelsey's little place in the www today!  Kelsey's one of those blog friends who I feel like I know and have known...and who I'd love to hang out with someday.  I think we can all agree, it would be great to grab a cup of coffee with her, go on a bit of a shopping spree or even join her in some of those amazing Alaskan vintage stores she's posted about before.  Until then, I'll just happily sit behind a computer screen and pretend :)  

Honestly,  when Kelsey announced that she was expecting number four, I was elated!  To say I love babies is an understatement.  I have four and would love more, so we'll see what God has in store.  
On that note, though, not everyone is on the same page about family size...and that might have been the hardest transition when we went from three to four.

See, we live out on a ranch, and life is fairly simple.  Fairly is the key word.  I don't have a ton of clothing stores or coffee shops nearby, nor can I find many babysitters to help out if I need to run errands during the day.  BUT, I'd be lying if I said I don't get a pedicure every now and then, enjoy online shopping a bit more than I should, and get caught up in the less-than-simple ways of life more often than not.

It's just that we live outside of town and our life isn't glamorous in the typical sense of the word. We drive two hours one way to get to our main doctors, and that's where Target is, too :)  So, while driving that far to get anywhere can be a pain, it's also nice.  Instead of Target, we see this...