Nov 27, 2014

Holiday Gifts for the Guys

I have to admit that Chris is by far my favorite person to shop for. Being totally serious! Reason being, when he spends money on himself it is usually for all his skiing gear, or hiking stuff, you know all the outdoors things I know nothing about. He rarely takes a second to update his closet, even though the man is incredibly fashion forward. He has a well curated closet I must say. So when the opportunity presents itself for me to shop for him I love it! And if money just started falling from the sky, I would buy him this whole list, I could see him wearing and using all of this. 

What do you usually buy for the guy in your life? Do find it hard to shop for him? 

So many of these items are on sale for Black Friday so check out the great deals! 

Nov 25, 2014

winter white + a pregnancy update

blazer: banana republic// tee: sincerely jules// jeans: gap
shoes: zara (identical here)// clutch: zara (old)

I hope you didn't put your white jeans away from the summer! Pull those bad boys out! Winter whites is where it's at ladies. I love a crisp, clean look. And nothing pulls that off better than neutral tones. I am very much trying to get all my heel wearing in before my belly is just too big and I topple over, and before there is too much snow. Whichever decides to happen first! 

And on another note, I know I don't do too much pregnancy chit chat around here. But to be honest I just kind of go through the motions at this point. I have been pregnant the better part of the last four years, so kind of second nature. I know there are all those "pregnant blogger" formats out there, but I am not really good with stats, so I thought why not answer some recent questions. 

How are you feeling?
Great! Other than a little lower back pain here and there I feel pretty awesome. 

Did you have a feeling it was a girl?
Yes! Just based on that first trimester, and the fact that I seem to carry my boys and girls very differently. The boys I carried almost identically, down to the weight gain. I was all belly with them, really didn't see a difference anywhere else. But these girls! Totally different story. I carry them all in my hips and booty. So when my pants were taking a little more effort to get around my backside I thought ehh maybe girl. Then I caught a glimpse of my butt and said "oh holy girl!". And that was that. 

Maternity clothes?
I have not bought any maternity clothes just yet. Don't get your typing fingers in a tizzy, I am very much utilizing the hair tie around the pants button trick. So my regular clothing days are very numbered. Which brings me to ask you, what are some of your favorite maternity pieces? I am thinking of getting a few tanks and tees from Target, and maybe a pant or two from Asos. I really don't want a stock pile of maternity clothing seeing as how this is my last baby. So help me out folks!

What do the kids think?
I am loving this pregnancy with the boys being older. They are so much more aware of what is going on, even if they don't really know. They are constantly asking what the baby is doing, and if they can talk to her. Ace changed her name from Uncle to Light Switch in the car yesterday. Pierce is obsessed with kissing my belly. And Avalon just wants to sit on my legs and hit my bump like a drum, I know her sister appreciates it very much. 

Do I stick to a diet?
HA! Man I wish Chris was here to answer this question for me. But simply put, no. We have very much been overindulging, but I can blame Chris for that. You see he takes all the pregnancy hormones and really runs with them. He has the cravings, mood swings, fatigue. So he is really the one that says, oh I need _____ right now. This is totally out of character for him seeing as how he usually swears off all carbs and sugars. I do try and eat very healthy, but allow myself some simple pleasures. If you follow me on instagram you know.....

So there you have it, a little more of this pregnancy!

I really hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving filled with delicious food, drink a glass of wine for me, tons of belly laughs with family, and if you are feeling frisky (which I always am around family) drill your brother's new girlfriend on various topics. Not that I would ev-er do that to my brother. Have fun :)

Nov 24, 2014

taking stock

I think this is the perfect time for one of these posts before the craziness of this week really starts to sink in. I love Thanksgiving, don't get me wrong. But Chris is on-call for work so we have moved the almighty day of eating turkey to Friday, because the likelihood of him NOT going into work is just so slim. And the next couple days seem jam packed. Oh and I am sure I should squeeze grocery shopping in there somewhere. 

Making : doctors appointments and dentist appointments for all. 

Cooking : these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for the third time in two weeks, they smell amazing. 

Drinking : pellegrino. all. day. errday.

Reading: this amazing post by Jessica. if you have a daughter I am sure you have thought about this topic.

Wanting: just a few more hours of daylight. by three I feel like i should be cooking dinner and getting a bath warmed for the kids. winter blues are creeping up on me. must take more vitamin d. 

Playing: lincoln logs. i feel like if we are home we are building something with logs or legos. avalon happens to enjoy it more than anyone. 

Listening: to lauryn hill. do you think she has some archived christmas songs? 

Sewing: not a thing. 

Wishing: my turkey would brine itself.  

Enjoying: our lazy mornings. i feel like every morning we get started later and later. the sun doesn't come up until after 9, and since ace is off school this week all bets are off. 

Liking: the fact that chris has some actual days off this week. family time and exploring are my my lifeline.

Wondering: what this little girl is doing inside my tummy right now, backflips? the macarena? 

Hoping: we get some snow soon so Chris and the boys can take their skis out! 

Marveling: at my growing belly. i don't care how many times you do this it is still amazing to be a spectator at what your body can do.

Needing: to think of a name for this baby. we still like nothing. 

Smelling: rosewater since I just washed my face. 

Wearing: warm wool socks. but i should probably start getting ready for the day.

Thinking: about food. but that is how my everyday is. i cannot wait for all those leftovers to find a temporary home in the garage fridge. 

Feeling: great. and so excited for the next few months. after christmas we will be in holiday recovery mode. and then baby mode. 

Bookmarking: baby stuff. i wouldn't mind a few more of these, or this cute sweater, and ordering more of these.

that is about it. what do you have going on? 

Nov 23, 2014

Holiday Gifts Ideas

14. tory burch backpack// 15. over the knee boots// 16. fold-over clutch// 17. vintage nike blazers

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....kind of. Okay, that is a complete lie. My house looks nothing like Christmas, and we still have NO snow on the ground. Pure craziness for this time of year in Alaska. But, Chris and I have made a "plan" this year. The plan is to get our Christmas shopping done before Christmas Eve. What an idea right? But we are serious. We are masters at procrastinating, and flawless execution. It is a gift really. This year will be different we have vowed. We will send out our Christmas cards so people actually receive them before Christmas, even though I have yet to take the picture. We will have all the kids presents here and put together before Santa starts to make his rounds. I am getting nervous just typing that out, the pressure!

In honor of this I put together a little Holiday inspired gift guide for the ladies. I am sure Chris will come here to double check before he makes a purchase. But any of these would make great gifts for someone on your shopping list, whether you are looking for a cute coffee mug as a stocking stuffer. Or perhaps a more splurge worthy item for yourself. What are you hoping makes it under the tree this year?