Sep 16, 2014

rich textures for fall

hat: consignment find// sweater: banana republic// pants: gap (last year) this years version

I am all about different textures for fall clothing. Velvet, leather, shearling, thick lux sweaters, felt, the list could go on and on. I want warm cozy layers, with amazing details. I love this sweater from Banana Republic, it has such a great relaxed feel to it, but the popcorn detailing on it makes it feel so much more dressy. And these velvet pants are one of my favorite fall staples. I always love when the leaves start to change and I can start reaching for the burgundy pieces in my closet. And the zipper detailing on these beauties...forget about it! 

The days are slowing down around our house, the non school mornings are starting later and later. The heat has been turned on, and my dutch oven has made its way onto the stove top where I am sure it will stay for a very long time. The piles of sweaters and beanies are at the forefront of everyones closets, and the boys have even started their hot chocolate requests! 

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Sep 15, 2014

Denali or bust

How was your weekend? My week is technically starting today since Chris had yesterday off (which throws me all out of whack) but I love a good three day nonetheless. I have come to discover that we never have real plans on the weekend. We always have ideas of things that sound fun, but never actually plan on doing them. We just go with the flow, or the weather. 
That is what happened Sunday morning, Chris went to the gym and I started my morning off by taking breakfast requests and breaking up fights over who was going to eat what. When Chris got home he said, "let's drive to Talkeetna and the south point of Denali" I said sure why not. An hour later we were in the car and on a three hour drive. I think the drive from Georgia to Alaska trained the boys to be good on road trips, they love being in the car. Avalon on the other hand just screams.
Chris has been talking about this little town of Talkeetna since he backpacked through Denali a couple months ago. He knows how much I love exploring new places, especially little towns with amazing food choices. As we were getting closer I thought we should probably stop and let the kids out to run around, and also so I could start the eating extravaganza. Chris thought we should push through to the lookout point to get a clear view of Mt. McKinley since the clouds were rolling in. He proved to be right. But my stomach needs to always be full in order for me to enjoy the other parts of life. 

We walked around the whole town (which only takes a few minutes) scoping out our options. We settled on ice cream for the kids first, because the name of the game is survival parenting. Then Chris and I hit up every restaurant known on main street. From burgers to pizza to cobbler, and finally filling up on bread covered in spinach and cheese, which had me making inappropriate noises in public. We headed back to the car, but not before grabbing a coffee at the cutest little coffee house, no really it was a house, filled with books and playing cards. Coffee in hand and to the car we went on our mission to see Mt. McKinley. 
We hit tons of road construction before we found the southern lookout point for the mountain. In this time Chris thought it would be a great idea to teach Ace how to spell Mississippi. WHY? I have no idea, but it kept us all entertained while we anxiously awaited the traffic to move. Once we reached our destination we let the animals out to run around on the trail. Chris and Ace raced up the hills while the wee ones and I took our time rearranging every rock on the trail. 

We did in fact miss a clear view of the peak, but the scenery was gorgeous anyway. The kids were covered in chocolate ice cream, I was regretting not getting some cheese bread to go, but we made it. Another fun family adventure in the books. I am not sure if Chris and I are so numb to the chaos of three toddlers, or if we have just learned to embrace it all. But through all the high pitched screams, fighting, pee stops, lost socks, spilled juice, rock eating, no listening, car dodging, bug bites, and bathroom accidents, it was so fun! We ended up getting home really late, and since the kids slept most of the way home they were up all night. Chris and I took turns laying on the couch. We let Ace stay home from school yesterday to recoup, or maybe it was to let us sleep in, I will admit to nothing. 

Here's to the week ahead!! 

Sep 11, 2014

beauty buys for $10 or less

Oh how I love the beauty aisles at the drugstore, just rows and rows of products that I feel I just need to try. There are plenty of high end beauty items that I will spend my money on, but there are some products that even the best of the beauty industry can't seem to compare too. I thought I would share some of my tried and true beauty products that don't break the bank. 
Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask- You cannot beat this mask! I have been using it since my teen years, and still use it twice a week. It isn't drying, but man it makes your skin baby soft while pulling all the impurities out. Best $4 ever spent!

Yes to Cucumber Makeup Wipes- I will admit that I am not a huge makeup wipes person. So many leave my face feeling sticky. But these are light and refreshing. I use them to rub my eye make up before washing my face. They are also great when traveling and you need a little refresher. 

Dr. Teal's foaming bath- Not that I get a ton of relaxing bath time, but when I do this is the soap I reach for. The lavender scent is so amazing, and really does make that solo time even more luxurious!

Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer- A few months ago I decided to splurge on the YSL concealer, and I really do like it. But I find myself reaching for this dream lumi tube more and more. It is so great for highlighting, and never creases. I don't think I could count how many tubes I have bought. Whenever I see them on sale I load up! 

Loreal Voluminous Mascara- I would be more likely to leave my underwear out of a suitcase over this mascara. I am just such a fan. I have tried all the high end brands, with no luck. My eyes are so sensitive to mascara and most seem to irritate them after a few hours. But this has been the only one I can wear over and over and *gasp, fall asleep in and still no irritation. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo- Love this stuff, might be in love with this stuff. Even Chris likes the smell of it. I wash my hair only twice maybe three times a week, so for the in between days this is my best friend. It comes in so many different shades, so no white residue. It is light and also adds volume which is needed for my fellow stick straight hair ladies!

NYX butter lipgloss- I cannot resist these little tubes of colorful goodness. I think I have almost every color by now. Such a great gloss! I love my lipstick, but it isn't practical for everyday. For those early preschool mornings, one of these glosses and some mascara are my only life lines. 

Conair velcro rollers- Velcro rollers? Who still uses those things? Just me, and maybe my mom. I get asked how I do my hair with three kids, and this is the trick. I put them in when my hair is close to dry, hit them with a little heat from the blow dryer and let them set while I make the kids breakfast, and wrestle them into clothes. Then I will take these out and bing, bang, boom, I have hair that looks like I just got a blow out. 

What are some of your beauty products that don't break the bank?

**Last week I talked with Parenting Magazine about my beauty must haves, and how my "beauty routine" (I kind of laugh every time I say that) has changed since having kids. You can check it out here!

Sep 9, 2014

boots with the suede

sweater: old navy// jeans: old navy// lipstick: estee lauder plum couture
boots: rock and republic (no longer sold, but you can find them on ebay)

Happy Wednesday!! This outfit was from over the weekend when we decided to go out for lunch (always an adventure). There are so many times I have an outfit in my head, or look in my closet and want to wear something but can't when it is just me trying to corral the children. So when Chris is home I take advantage of him and wear what I want, and let him run around like a chicken with his head cut off! 

Once upon a time this would be a normal daily outfit for me. The days where I got up every morning and dressed up for work, eager to put together store windows, or come up with color stories, and anticipate the daily arrival of a new shipment of clothing that I would get to play with. Somehow a nine hour day in heels going from store to store was easy. Now, after an hour or two I am looking for my sneakers. But.....a mom has to glam it up every now and then! 

When do you take the opportunity to bust out a pair of heels? 

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