Pardon My French

May 2, 2016

Celebrating Moms

Whew! What a weekend full of running from one place to the next. On Saturday night alone Chris and I took turns going to Lowe's four times. FOUR times!! It was all our bean sacks fault. The bag to decompress the thing ripped, and it was madness, and the thing is huge, and we now have it tied into the travel bag with ratchet straps, and basically we are a mess. BUT! Yesterday I snuck away from the chaos to spend some time with some moms, and do some shopping. It was needed. 
Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall
Mother's Day Event- Anchorage 5th Ave Mall
In my four years in Alaska, I have spent many hours at the 5th Avenue mall. And I was so excited to give a little back. Spend some time with moms, talk a little fashion, and giveaway some gift cards. And if nothing validate their parking!
Spring pattern mixing
Pattern mixing, stripes and florals
jumpsuit: nordstrom // vest: found at second run // shoes: zara (similar)

When I arrived at the event, I couldn't help but notice that my purse felt a little heavy. I mean, it is always filled with random stuff, but this time.......the added weight was bear spray. It is all very Alaskan I assure you. But I still have no idea how it got in there. Did I put it in there? Did Chris put it in there? It had to be the kids right? In any event I knew I was safe, from bears, or people. 
Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall- Events
I had so much fun going from store to store picking out some of my favorite spring and summer pieces. There are so many great retailers in this mall! Many many Mother's Day gifts could be found, and I might have snagged a few for myself. (Chris if you're reading this, I will acted surprised. Promise). 
I couldn't help but treat this event as a little see ya later gathering for some of my closest friends as well. This week is going to be a mad dash to the moving finish, so I doubt I will have time to spend with anyone besides the movers. Which should just be great, right? 

I hope you all had a great weekend! 

Apr 28, 2016

Anchorage Favorites: Food Edition

Food. Food is my everything! That is one thing that Chris and I connected on when we first started dating. We loved to eat, and we loved to eat good food. Back before I ever turned on a stove, we went out to eat all the time. Living near Seattle, then moving to Scottsdale, and growing up in Vegas, I feel like I have had the pleasure of eating at some really great restaurants. Well, you can now add Anchorage to one of the best places for food! Are you shocked? I was! Much like the fashion, it took me by surprise just how good some of the restaurants are here. That might be one of the things we are going to miss the most, some of our weekly dining spots. 
Best Places to Eat in Anchorage
This list could get pretty long, and it just might because I really love food. But I am going to try and throw out there all of our favorite places. I might forget a few, and I am sure there are some we didn't even have the pleasure of trying in our almost four years of living here, but here goes nothin. 

-Pizza is among the biggest surprises when it came to Anchorage. Some of the best pizza I have ever had lives here in Alaska. And yes, I have been to New York and Chicago. If you visit Anchorage everyone will tell you to try Moose Tooth, and you should! Amazing specialty pizzas, amazing! But for me, when I want a good cheese pizza, we go straight to Fat Ptarmigan, and I pair it with their chopped salad, which I would legit fight someone over if they told me they could only make one more. It is that good! Now, if we are talking pepperoni pizza then I will have to drive a little further to Chugiak and grab a large pep from Bella Vista (we used to live right by this place when we first moved here, and I will blame them for all my pregnancy weight with Avalon), and while I am there I will have to order their chicken marsala, because, bomb! By far the best pizza in Alaska unfortunately does not live in Anchorage, but Homer, a little place on the spit called Finn's. 

-In this house we like brunch, and Anchorage does a good job of giving us what we want. Starting out with Snow City Cafe, I mean even the President had to make a stop there. There is not one thing on that menu that isn't amazing! Which is why this place is always packed! So just go down a few blocks to The Red Chair Cafe and have your taste buds blown! Insane. And the people in there are amazing! We will also drive a little further on a Costco day to eat at South Restaurant, because no one can say no to sourdough pancakes!!!

-If you have a busy weekend ahead and you need something to fill you up, grab a burrito at Burrito Heaven. You're welcome!

-Moving right along to some favorite little cafe's, because pastries are my love language. Paris Bakery has been our ultimate favorite, the lemon tarts are like....words cannot describe. But I suggest you get there before 11am because then those babies are gone! Fire Island is everyone's hidden gem, as it should be. Just a great place to grab a salted caramel tart and a cup of coffee. By far the largest selection of sweet and savory pastries we have come across lives at The Flying Dutchman Pastry Shop. 

-Burgers are a little hard to come by here in Anchorage, or maybe I am just a picky burger eater, so I stick to one place. Tommy's Burger Stop-- that stella blue burger will live on in my dreams! I am also a chicken sandwich connoisseur, and for that you need to go to a local landmark basically, Lucky Wishbone. The best french fries, chicken sandwich, and milkshakes ever. Period.

-When the rare date night occurs Chris and I go for only a few places, Club Paris (get the prime rib...oh and steak fries), The Crow's Nest, and Whale's Tail. Those last two are in the Captain Cook Hotel, also a place I would highly recommend staying at for a little stay-cation or what have you.

-Things might start to get a little random here, but I have to mention Antonio's Greek Bakery, can you say homemade pita bread and hummus? The salads are amazing, basically everything is good and the owner is the sweetest man you will ever meet, and he will let your children run around and then hand them a piece of baklava! While you are eating at Antonio's you should probably walk across the parking lot to A Pie Stop. You might be full of greek food, but you will want a pie for later. Trust me.

-Shall we move on to coffee? Chris is a coffee fanatic! I am talking knows more about coffee than one human possibly should. He is pretty picky, which has turned me into a low standard coffee snob. So when I am out with him he only likes to go to a couple places, SteamDot, and Black Cup. I looooove SteamDot, their vanilla latte is heavenly! And Black Cup's white mocha is more than worth the drive with screaming kids. Fun fact: you can also buy Black Cup coffee at Target here in town!! Both of these places roast their own beans and you can taste the freshness. We have loaded up on our favorites from both for our trip. Takin' a little piece of Anchorage with us!

Okay....this is getting a little long, and I know I haven't even mentioned so many places. But, if you are visiting the Anchorage area this list should get you started!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I hope to see some of you at the Mother's Day event I am hosting at the 5th Avenue Mall on Sunday! If you follow me on snapchat (kelsey_pardonmf) I am sure I will snap the thing to death!

full sleeves

Ruffle Sleeve Tops for Spring
Spring tops- Zara
Feminine tops and boyfriend jeans -Asos
Spring trends- Full sleeve tops
Simple cute outfit ideas for spring and summer
Spring outfit inspo- Alaska style blogger
blouse: zara (similar options below) // jeans (now on super sale!!) // shoes // sunglasses

Is it Friday yet? Is this the never ending week for anyone else? I felt like Monday night I was saying, tomorrow is Friday right? This week was the week for any and all doctors appointments. Kids, me, Chris, Caspian, everyone now has clean teeth and a clean bill of health. Which basically means I am exhausted! Shuffling kids from one place to the next, back and forth to Ace's school because god-forbid he misses recess or something else that could hinder his educational experience. But let's stop talking about the longest moving process ever and move on to this outfit. 

Loving the full sleeve and ruffle trend happening right now. It really takes an otherwise plain tee and gives it spirit fingers! You could easily dress it up or down, no other accessories needed. And while taking these pictures my photographer (Chris) said "are those boy jeans?" which then I had to explain the meaning behind boyfriend jeans, that went way over his fashion knowledge head. I have to say even though I like to get dressed up and feel sexy, I always revert back to a masculine sense. I guess I haven't really shaken the tomboy inside me. I love the look and feel of a baggy boyfriend jean. Yes, it does absolutely nothing for my figure, but it is comfy. And the juxtaposition of these jeans with a feminine top does wonders for my street style heart. Do you ever feel that way with a certain style of clothing? Like's not super flattering...but damn I still like it?! 

Well, in any event, I am just happy to be wearing short sleeves and open toed shoes! The temps are glorious right now. Not particularly in the morning when I have to get up and let Caspian out, it is still a little brisk for me at that time in the am. But as the day goes on we start to spend the majority of our time outside. 

This happens to be my favorite time in Alaska. Everything gets green right before your eyes! I swear, I looked at one of the trees in our backyard the other day and it had the tiniest little leaf buds, and now we have full blown leaves on that bad boy and I can't help but stare. It sounds so silly, but after months of nothing but ice, the glimmer of summer gets me all giddy! 

Who am I? I think I need to end this post now. Here are some other full sleeve tops I am loving:

Apr 26, 2016

battle of the dry shampoo

Dry shampoo. By far my most coveted beauty item. I will choose dry shampoo over makeup any day. I mean, if I have to choose one. Greasy hair or bare face, it's going to be bare face. I kind of feel like dry shampoo has always been apart of my life. Way back in the days of competitive dance and cheer where the stage moms would shake baby powder on our hair during a quick change, to soak up sweat and make our hair look fresh for the next routine. Well some genius decided to throw it in an aerosol can and give it a name. And to you...whoever you are, allow me to say thank you. 
The best dry shampoos- Pardon My French
I have used a lot of different dry shampoos. Some I absolutely hate. Others are just okay if you are in a pinch. Then there are your holy grail ones. The ones you are grabbing if your house catches on fire, because damn it you will not have gross flat lifeless hair.

Clearly that is a little dramatic, but I need to get my passion for this product across. Which brings me to the battle rounds. I decided to pit these bottles against each other, why? Who knows....but here are my feelings.

Starting in the left corner with Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo. I started using this one awhile ago, and I really do like it. It does come out of the can white, but I find that it absorbs nicely, and the white powder brushes away rather easily. I don't mind the smell, and I love that the bottle is large and at a nice price point, $6.19 to be exact. The only thing that I don't get with this dry shampoo is volume. And I really need volume. I usually have to follow this one up with a root spray to get a little height. 

Our next contender in the brown bottle with the grey top we have Batiste! I have sung the praises of this super affordable dry shampoo for years. I absolutely love that this comes in a tinted version for brown hair. When my hair was much darker this also helped to hide my lighter roots. I love this stuff. If you are looking for a super affordable dry shampoo, this is the one. Smells good, refreshes the hair, and adds some volume. 

Moving on to the pricier opponents. Starting with Living Proof's dry shampoo. I saw Cara review this product on her blog awhile ago, and I watched the video a couple times and thought, okay, I should try this. Then I saw Kate sing it's praises on snapchat and thought, what am I waiting for? So I bought a bottle. This stuff is a grease magician. I'm telling you I can get away with 24 hours of good looking hair by using this one time. It smells nice, it leaves no white residue, and it volumizes. The other thing I noticed with this is that it gave my hair some texture. It is not a texturizing spray by any means, but I started noticing that I could actually curl my second or third day hair with this stuff. Truly, truly like it. It comes in at the $22 price point. So if you only use dry shampoo a couple times a week, I think this would last for you. But for me, I use dry shampoo almost daily, sometimes twice a day depending on if I need a touch up before I go out. Like I said, I also found myself spraying this on clean hair for some texture, so I went through it quick! If you don't happen to use dry shampoo that often I would recommend this. 

And our final dry shampoo fighter, weighing in at about 3.5 oz is Detox Dry Shampoo by Drybar. When I went and got a couple hair treatments about a month ago, this was used on my hair during my blowout. I was like, well well well, what have we here? The next time I was at Sephora I picked up a bottle. Right off the bat I have to say that when it was sprayed in the salon I thought it had a very nice smell. But then when I used it in my very small bathroom I was like WHOA! That packs a punch. Not in a horrible smell way, more in an intense way. If you need a dry shampoo after a workout to freshen up, this is what you need. The smell does stay for a long time too. Which I guess can be good or bad. For me it was a little overpowering. But I looked past that because the results are AMAZING! It also comes in a tinted version for darker hair, which is a huge plus. It volumizes and absorbs oil without drying out your hair. I also noticed how light this one was. You really didn't feel like you sprayed anything in your hair, but you saw a noticeable difference. It is $23, and I am still currently using it. 

It looks like none of these were a total knock out. So it goes to the cards. If you are new to dry shampoos I would definitely recommend the Batiste, you get the most bang for your buck. If you have been using dry shampoos for awhile and are ready to step your game up, I'd go straight for the Living Proof. As much as I like the results of the Drybar, the smell for me is a little much.

So there you have it! What is your favorite dry shampoo?