come one, come all! the nordstrom sale is underway!

Jul 22, 2016

If you didn't shop the early access sale, now is your time! Things go fast, so if you like it, snag it while your size is available. Even with the early access some of the things I wanted were sold out in my size, so I stayed up last night watching the Sopranos waiting and hoping for a restock in some things, and snagged them at midnight. 

Hi, my name is Kelsey and I have been a shopaholic since birth. (my sneaker head days were much worse....I called and told my work once that I would be late because I had to wait for the drop on these shoes! #pitiful)

Anyway, this sale is just too good to pass up. Here are some more of my favorite picks, and things that I ended up getting.

a girls day keeps the boys away

Jul 20, 2016

Mommy and Me Style
Summertime Chic Outfits
Summer style for moms and kids
Girl Time!
Mom style Outfits
Mommy and me style- Pardon My French
top // shorts // shoes : zara (old) // bag: shopbop (no longer available, similar) // sunglasses

avalon's outfit: top // skirt (old, just got her this one) // shoes

odette's outfit: top and bottom // shoes 

Over the weekend, Chris and I did something that we should probably do more often. Divide and conquer. Usually on the weekends we soak up any and all time together. If we need to go get something, we all load up and make it a family affair. Which is usually a shit show and we provide plenty of free public entertainment. But, we do it. Well last weekend Chris and I both had things to get done and it just seemed smarter to go our separate ways. Divide the kids in half, knock it all out because we also don't like leaving Shameless at home for too long. 

So we did. The boys headed to do boy things and get whatever Chris needed to head back to work. And the girls and I did girl things, like shopping. Then we all met back downtown to grab lunch and head home. It was funny because once we all got home and everyone was settled down, Chris and I both agreed that it was kind of nice taking just two kids out each! I am used to all four, so just the two girls seemed like nothing. We walked a little slower, because the only speed the boys know is fast. The fighting was quite minimal which was a welcomed change for a couple hours. And I got to really talk with Avalon. She has a lot to say, but her brothers like to drown her out. So we talked princesses, and how much she loves her doggies, and she got new chap stick, and Odette was happy with a lollipop. Blissful in the land of parenting and errands. 

Chris' experience was a little different because let's be honest he kind of got the short end of the stick. The boys are off the wall out of their minds 24/7, they know nothing about calm and relaxing. But they listen to Chris way better than me, so he is able to death threat parent and get shit done. I applaud him for it. But, I think this might be a more routine thing for us. Splitting the kids up in the name of sanity and quality time. 

I like it. What say you? 

My Under 10 Minute Makeup Routine + Video

Jul 19, 2016

Let's talk fast yet effective makeup shall we? During the week I like a simple makeup routine. Something that I can do everyday, that looks like I put a little effort in and most importantly makes me feel put together. It only takes a couple steps, can be done with a toddler pulling at your leg, and it's perfect for the Target run, followed by a coffee pick up. 

Here are all the products used:

Click on the video below to see how I do it!

and then there was bbq

Jul 18, 2016

Summer trends- fringe hem denim
Denim trends- fringe hem- zara
Mom style outfits
Simple summer outfits- denim
tank top: banana republic // jeans: zara (recent purchase) obsessed with these!
shoes: sole society (old), but love these from the nordstrom sale // purse: gucci

Mondaze! How was everyone's weekend? Once again nothing too exciting went on here. I think that will basically be the theme for almost all weekends here because time just seems to be flying by, and we really won't be in Georgia for too long. Plus! We are obsessed with our house. I think that was a huge factor in Alaska, not that the scenery was anything to shy away from, but we didn't really like our house. We did everything we could to get up and out. It was just dark, and claustrophobic. Even though there were three levels of living space, the layout was just so odd. So now that we have a house that we really enjoy, we spend a lot of time here. The backyard also helps. The kids just go back there and get lost in the jungle. The dogs have so much space to explore, and it is private. No neighbors within ear distance. When the time comes, this house will be really hard to leave. 

But, one thing that does get me out of the house So Friday night we went out for BBQ. 
And now I can't stop thinking about it. I forced everyone to get different order numbers so that I could try everything. Southern BBQ is just the best. And a large sweet tea to wash it all down sent me to hog heaven. Get it...pork ribs...hog heaven? Bad joke. No one get their Monday manners in a twist, I grew up with a mom who went through a heavy vegetarian/vegan phase. 

In any event, the food was amazing. 

Also amazing, these high-low tank tops from Banana Republic. I have them in three colors now and I kind of feel like the crazy asses running around playing pokemon go....I have to catch them all. But they really are the perfect tank. Wide shoulder length, so a regular bra can be worn. Soft, they wash well, and the relaxed fit is perfect for an indulgent day of eating. You will have to excuse the wrinkles though, holding a small child in the humidity does not make for a wrinkle rid situation. 

Other than food, I knocked out some more school supply shopping, where I bought not one but two broken binders. So tip of the day.....check the locking mechanism on the binders before purchase because nothing makes my mom crazy flag fly higher than trying to return items with children. I might be better off just keeping the broken ones and having Chris pick up new ones. 

My petty life struggles, I tell ya. 


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