Pardon My French

May 22, 2015

overall chic

overalls: nordstrom // tee: j crew // blazer: forever 21 // sneakers: nike 
hat: target (old, similar) // lipstick: nars in honolulu honey

The obsession with overalls continues my friends. I know they are not for everyone, or at least many people think that they "can't" pull them off. I beg to differ. I think they are so versatile, and any one can do it. If you own a pair, or are thinking about buying a pair for the summer, this is a great way to ease into it. Treat them as a regular pair of jeans. Pair them with a simple blazer and hat for a cute errand running day time look. Then for night you could easily lose the hat and throw on a pair of heels. I am a fan through and through! 

Who is ready for the long weekend? I know I am super excited about four mornings, today being one, that I do not have to jump out of bed and get my day started quickly in fear of not being able to drink my coffee. I think I will leave Chris to the breakfast orders....and maybe the diaper changes too. And if I am feeling super generous, the teeth brushing and outfit dressing as well. Ha! Sorry I was dreaming out loud. But four days of parenting tag team style...can I get an amen? 

So what are your plans for the long weekend? Hiking? Fishing? Camping? Shopping? Whatever it is, I hope it treats you well!! 

May 20, 2015

Sale Spotlight: Amazon and Nordstrom

Oh Memorial day....bbq's, picnics, sunshine, pools, SALES!! One of my absolute favorite sales going on right now is the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale! Kind of like a Christmas in the summer if you ask me. It is always too good to pass up, so I end up looking through pages and pages of stuff, double checking my revolving wishlist, and coming up with a plan of attack. For myself, when it comes to the kids I take advantage of this sale and stock up on my favorite brand Mini Boden! So many cute things. Here is what I am loving!

Now for another great sale! Amazon!! If you haven't checked out Amazon for all your fashion needs, you are missing out. They seriously have some great deals, with some of my favorite brands. Not to mention if you have Amazon Prime....that fast shipping! I have been known to order diapers...

Right now they are doing 20% off all fashion related items for women, men, and kids. Use code FUN20SUN at checkout!

Some serious deals to be had people! And Chris if you stumble upon this post, let's stick to a don't ask don't tell policy. You don't ask how much I spent....and I won't tell!

Happy shopping friends!

Trail of Blue Ice

I am absolutely convinced that even after close to three years of living in Alaska, you could live here a lifetime and still not see everything. Just when we are kind of sick of our usual local hiking spots, we stumble upon what is now probably our favorite family friendly hike! The Trail of Blue Ice is what it's called, and although there was no ice, it was one of the most beautiful trails even without everything being lush and green. We are definitely planning to go back a few times over the summer to see this place at it's full potential! I will warn you....picture overload is upon you!
The kids always start every hike with the utmost enthusiasm. Every rock, stick, leaf, and dandelion must be collected in fear that we will not find anymore...ever! So they hand me all their findings, probably thinking that I will hold on to them and we will have some huge collection by the time we get done hiking. But, sadly I am a fun sponge and ditch the handfuls, and pocketfuls of nature-like goodies. There is a method to my meanness madness--If I toss the early stage findings it forces them to keep looking with the same amount of enthusiasm. Which keeps them from fighting, also keeps them moving in a forward like motion. This makes for constant movement for Odette, keeping her asleep while giving Chris and I have a chance to actually soak in the experience. 
The sun was out and it was "warm" as long as you weren't in the shade. It felt so good to let the kids roam around and explore on their own, while the parental units stood and soaked in some sunlight.

May 19, 2015

a dream come true | white sheets

You know you have reached full blown adulthood when you get excited over house hold items, more specifically sheets!! I have been wanting white sheets for our master bedroom for what feels like forever. When we first bought our bed and bedding, we went with a grey theme because I was pregnant and we thought a darker neutral tone would be better with kids in the bed. I never really liked it. I love the look of crisp white sheets, who doesn't? It reminds me of those first moments when you walk into a hotel room and the bed sheets are pulled tight as to not show one wrinkle. The white is so white, and you just can't help but jump right in. 
That is exactly the goal I was trying to achieve with my very own white sheet set. (If you think I get overly excited about sheets, you should have seen when we bought a new vacuum, I need to get out more). I have been mentioning to Chris for so long that white sheets is what we need, and should be our next household purchase. He always said, "why? they will just get dirty with the kids". It very well may be true, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity when it presented itself. Insert Cariloha. Everything on their site is made from bamboo, and proves to be the softest thing I have ever put near my body! I will admit I was not very knowledgeable about things manufactured from bamboo, but after laying on these sheets I now want to replace every towel, blanket, and sheet set in my house. 
Being the sneaky wife I am, I decided not to tell Chris about the sheets. I waited until he was working a really late night to pull the old switch-a-roo. Knowing that he would be so tired when he got home and literally just fall into bed, I changed the sheets right before I climbed in bed. Hours later Chris got home, made a tornado of a mess in the kitchen before making his way up to bed. I was then awoken to the sounds of "oh my!!!! what is this? (rolling around) this is amazing!! did you buy new sheets?"
I couldn't help but laugh because he was so excited about these sheets. And it is totally true. Before this we had a pretty decently high threat count egyptian cotton sheets. But these are on another level. I formally invite any and all of you to come lay in my bed. You of course have to fly yourself to Alaska, and possibly rent a car to my house because we are at car seat capacity in the minivan. So in that case it might be cheaper to just go buy yourself a set.!
The kids are more than happy to offer to take a nap in moms bed because it looks so nice and clean! I can't blame them, so we pile in and everyone just pets the top of the sheets. I am in love, and I feel kind of bad that my kids are not getting this kind of luxurious bedtime slumber. But, toddlers and accidents don't bode well for buttery soft sheets. 

You my friends can get your hands on some though, which I highly recommend. You can thank me later! From now until the 25th, Pardon My French readers will get 20% off their purchase from Cariloha's entire online store. Just use code FRENCH20 at checkout. 

Now if you will excuse bed is calling me, and it won't take no for an answer!