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Jun 30, 2016

the chicest bbq ever

 Cute casual summer outfits
Summer Outfit Ideas- Shorts and Blazers
Mom style summer outfits
Simple cute outfits for summer
blazer // top: hm (old, similar here) // shorts: diy from an old pair of jeans

Last weekend we went to the cutest spot for a bbq that I have ever been to. I mean, when you think of bbq's you don't necessarily think of big over-sized chairs, fireplaces, and super chic chandeliers, right? Well, that is my new bbq standard. We went over to a friends place, and took over their neighborhoods club house. It was perfect for the kids to play, the adults to do adult like things. And when everyone was near heat stroke, the pool saved the day. 

This weekend is proving to be somewhat of a repeat, except at my house, which is not as chic...womp womp. But, one of my very good friends will be in Atlanta, and is brave kind enough to come visit us with her husband and two kiddos. I am beyond excited. I haven't seen her in four years which means she also hasn't seen me with a family that has almost doubled in size. I am also excited that yesterday marked the end of whole30. Well, basically just the strict whole30 go around. Now we will go back to our norm which is whole30 meals during the week and a cheat day on the weekend. Buuuuut, I am thinking that with the holiday weekend, aaaand our friends coming in town we owe it to them to binge on the unhealthy stuff. Plus, I made a blueberry pie last night from with some of the blueberries we pick at the farm. Many of you asked for the recipe on snapchat, so I will try and get that up soon. 

I also binged on Game of Thrones this week. Please tell me you watched the season six finale already, because I have watched it twice now. That Jon Snow, you just can never get enough! But after I watched it and all of its secret revealing glory I thought, I am going to watch season one again. So I did. I effing love that show. Love it! Did I mention Jon Snow? Because it's Jon freaking Snow. 

So what are your big plans for the Fourth? Do tell! 

Jun 29, 2016

National Infantry Museum Columbus, GA

A couple weekends ago we took the kids to the National Infantry Museum. When we lived in Columbus before, this was a frequent stop for us because, air conditioning and wide open spaces. Ace was almost two at the time and Pierce was just a wee little babe. They had no idea why we were there or what anything was. They went because we went. But this museum is unlike any other I have ever been to. For starters the building is absolutely gorgeous, and that is before you even step in the doors. The last time we went they were working on a lot of the exhibits, so we were anxious to see if they were open. Fort Benning being the home of the Infantry make this place that much more special. Families, soldiers, loved ones, all come here to pay their respects, gain knowledge, walk through history, and just feel humble and proud. 
I don't really talk about military stuff on this blog because as much as the Army may control our lives at times, it is not my life. That does not make me any less supportive of what Chris does, or any less proud. I simply am not knowledgeable about a lot of topics that other military wives are because I am truly not involved a lot. I am a behind the scenes kind of gal. 

But when you walk into a place like this museum you cannot help but be overwhelmed with emotion. From the moment you approach the first exhibit with the music and the voices, you get goosebumps. 
There is footage being played on various things that captures your full attention. Even my very unruly children were mesmerized at the things going on around them. Saying things like "dad, that's an army guy just like you". Or "hey dad, you have that uniform". My kids are obviously too young to grasp the concept of what Chris does, where he has deployed to, or what he goes off for training for. But somehow in this museum they were a little quieter, walked a little slower, would randomly grab and hold on to Chris' hand. 
For me this place is kind of like a walk down memory lane. I met Chris a few months after he graduated basic training. I have been there for the last eleven years as he went from one school to the next, which the museum takes you through each and every one of those phases. They explain every step that an infantry solider goes through. Which for the kids was so cool. They would ask "dad! did you have to do that too?". It was so cute. 
The museum is divided into rooms that take you through different eras of which the infantry were involved. The exhibits are so interactive, and amazing for kids. I wouldn't say that if my kids were even the slightest bit disrespectful. But, they loved looking at everything, touching the screens, pressing the buttons, and listening to all the people talking. I mean....they did move a little quick through things, but we spent a solid two hours here and they were a-okay!
It is a little weird to see a large exhibit dedicated to a war that your husband deployed to. Reading the same headlines that you saw splashed across your TV screen at the time. Hearing soldiers voices as they talk about their time deployed, which echoed some of the same stories you heard when your husband and his friends came home. 

After we made it through the museum we wanted to go outside and walk the path called Heritage Walk that is made up of pavers dedicated to soldiers. This leads you to the Vietnam Memorial. As we were walking there was a woman standing there with a picture frame and a rose in her hand. We had the kids walk the other direction in order to give her some privacy. As we walked back we passed the spot where she was standing, and there was a wedding picture and a rose laying on the ground with a note that said "Happy 50 year Anniversary". The tears could not be held back. 

This is truly such an amazing place whether you have any connection to the military or not. If you are ever near the Columbus, GA area I highly recommend that you stop at this museum. Make a donation, have lunch at the restaurant, and take it all in. 

Jun 28, 2016

Fourth of July Outfit Ideas

Can you believe we are about to welcome in July? I mean...half a year gone already? How! But the Fourth of July happens to be one of my favorite holidays. So much so that I find myself dressing in red, white, and blue throughout the year. I am definitely not one that has a plethora of graphic tees that scream U-S-A. I'm sorry. I am no less patriotic, I just happen to stick to more classic pieces. Ones that I know I will wear year around. 

So if you happen to be like me and just want to throw together an outfit with the items already in your closet, I pulled some passed outfits from the blog archives (ha...sounds so official) for inspiration. 
Fourth of July Outfits
You can never go wrong with the classic approach, pulling out your trusty denim jacket. If you have ever been afraid to try a denim on denim look...use the fourth as your trial period. I can guarantee you will love it!
Outfit Inspiration for the Fourth of July
Also an easy idea, with pieces you probably have on hand, or can borrow from your husband. A classic button down, jeans, red shoes, and a chambray shirt for good measure. This doesn't scream, I'm only here for the fireworks, but more like, I'll have a glass of red wine with my hot dog....thanks. 
Cute Red, White, and Blue Outfits
Now this is your walking Gap ad for the fourth. Keeping things classy in my favorite pairing, all white, with a simple pop of red on the lips, and a denim vest. The high tops to add in the 'Merica!
Unexpected outfits that work for the Fourth of July
This will probably be what I go with, all the right colors, but in a fun way. Not too matchy matchy, but the thought was there anyway. And I mean, the red lip is a given. 
Cute outfit inspiration for the Fourth if July
Or maybe this is more my speed. You know I love my overalls, and what better time to pull them out than a backyard bbq? They have plenty of room for second and thirds. And you can dress them up or down depending on how frisky you're feeling. 

So what are you going with? 

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Jun 27, 2016

all white

monochromatic looks for summer
all white outfits for summer
how to style all white for summer
simple monochromatic looks
all white outfit ideas
top: zara (similar here and here) // jeans // shoes: luxury rebel (old, love these and these kate spade on sale!)
bag: louis vuitton 

Noticeably my favorite outfit combo....white on white. I could careless how impractical it might be for a mom of four to be running around in crisp white clothing that just screams, COME WIPE YOUR FACE ON ME! Especially in the summer I just gravitate towards simple. And there is nothing more simple than dressing in all one color. 

And truly the fear of walking around with a stain somewhere on my person is no more embarrassing than my normal personality. On this particular day we went to the Space Science Center in Downtown Columbus. We have never been there before, and the last time we lived here we thought Ace would have been to young to enjoy it. We were right, seeing as how Odette was entertained for all of five minutes. But so were the rest of the kids. The place is very very small. With one or two attractions that could hold my children's gnat like attention spans. The second they rode on the little shuttle simulator it was all over. The "this is so boring" "can we leave now" "I'm hungry" moans could be heard. But no more annoying than everyone calling Odette a boy. For the record she was dressed in a pink and white chambray romper with a pink pony tail. But this one lady just couldn't stop calling her "fella". It was a little ridiculous. So every time she would say to her kids "now watch out for the little fella", I would blurt out randomly, girl. Then she asked me...."oh is that a girl?" yes, yes it is. She looked surprised and then said again "now let the little guy play too". 

Nope....still girl. 

So you see, I don't need a toddlers chocolate hands wiped on me to become a spectacle. I do that all on my own. 

And then karma really got me when I missed the curb going to the car and did by best drop it like its hot dance move to recover. 

Think I pulled something my back too.