Oct 22, 2014

sprinkles of white

sweatshirt: zoe karssen (also love it in black)// leather pants: forever 21// shoes: zara 
bag: michael kors (sadly no longer sold)// lipstick: lime crime

There is no need to adjust your screen, you are seeing this correctly. That is snow! But thankfully it really isn't that cold out. Well not that cold for Alaska maybe? Or maybe after two years of living here 34 degrees doesn't feel so earth shattering. Either way this outfit is on major repeat lately. Jazzed up sweatshirt, faux leather pants, and a pop of color on my lips. Done done and done. Simple yet chic, which is what my pregnant body likes right about now. Also to be noted, regular shoes. No snow boot, or rain boot in sight. Yet. I am going to try and milk my wardrobe for all it's got before I have to pull out my michelin man jacket that will not be able to be zipped. Bebe number four I hope you don't mind a wind chill!

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Oct 21, 2014

Chalkboard Painted Pumpkins

Simple enough right? Halloween is my very favorite holiday, primarily for the pumpkin decorating. We used to be a strictly carving pumpkin kind of family. But then we moved to Alaska and we found out that Moose are quite attracted to pumpkins. So we carve no more. Last year we used some regular old paint to decorate our pumpkins. This year I thought it would be fun to do these. If you have been reading this blog for awhile I am sure you're thinking all this lady does is paint things with chalkboard paint. And you would be correct. I still have SO much paint left from painting the boys' bookcase. Somehow I thought it took gallons? This is why I can also not be trusted at the grocery store, no logical thinking. Anyway...... I love these pumpkins. Best part is we can change them up and put them on the porch, add a little Trick or Treat, Happy Halloween, or Sorry we're out of candy. 
we do our best crafting in pajamas

I think the process is pretty self explanatory, but I'll type it out anyway. We cleaned our pumpkins off and threw down a little protective paper. I used some painters tape to section off the one pumpkin. Then I grabbed chalkboard paint from my stash and let the boys have at it. We ended up doing two coats, and I found that when I went back to spot check them that if you paint the pumpkin in strokes from the bottom up you get a more uniform look. Top down it seemed to streak more. Just a little tip from a chalkboard painting connoisseur. But that is it! They dried so fast, and the boys have had fun drawing on them and wiping them off. Endless amounts of fun I tell ya! Much easier than giving my children little carving kits and pretending like they won't try and stab one another. 

What does your pumpkin decorating routine look like this year?

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Oct 20, 2014

Our last hike

Sunday marked our last hike of the season. We picked the best day to do it considering everything is now blanketed in snow. It was also my moms last day visiting so we wanted to show her the beauty of Alaska. It may not have been her ideal hiking conditions, you know with 30 degree temps and a slight wind chill. But she was a trooper and went with it. I think we single handily set in stone that my mother will retire in a warm climate. 
We decided to hike the South Fork Trail in Eagle River, which is not too far from our house. The views are stunning and it is a pretty easy hike for the kids (minus the tons of mud we had to plow through). Every hike starts out the same with the kids. The car ride up they are asking non stop "are we there yet?" "I am so excited to go hiking, are we there yet?" "This is taking for-ev-er are we there yet?". Then they are hard to control as we prepare them for the elements with layers of clothing. They run in every direction looking for the start of the trail, like dogs sniffing for a bone. Their voices are screeching with excitement. We find the trail and they take off, looking for sticks, wondering if we will see a bear or a moose. They keep the momentum for a hot minute until they bust out with the "I'm hungry, I need a snack". Then they slow down to a snails pace while protesting for food, even though we just had lunch. 
This will continue on for what feels like miles, but Chris and I have learned that if we can push the boys a little harder they will forget about a snack and start moving their feet. But this time as I was stopping and going, waiting for Pierce to catch up, I couldn't help but think about my mom. Even though she was right there with us, hiking the same trail. It was not too long ago that she was pushing me to keep going. It was her that was stopping and waiting while bribing me to move it along. It was her that was holding my hand as to make sure I wouldn't slip and fall. And now it is my turn. With all these little kids yelling "mommy mommy". Now she was here in Alaska of all places, freezing her ass off hiking with the couple who everyone in the family thought wouldn't make it past the first year. With three kids, and one more on the way. Sure this was just an average hike for us. I feel like we spent the whole summer hiking. But this time it was more having her there. 
We reached a good stopping point and fulfilled the promise of snacks to the kids. It felt about 10 degrees colder while we stopped and sat on cold rocks to let the kids rejuvenate. I could tell me mom was cold, but she hung in there. Chris said he wanted to go a little further before we started to lose the sun. So we did. 

Avalon's little nose was pink, Pierce started to say he was tired. So we turned around. You have never seen a person move faster than when we told my mom we were going to head back. She was ready, but still she stuck it out. Not complaining of being that cold. She was getting muddy while picking up the pace far in front of us. But I couldn't blame her. That was me when we used to hike when I was little, always the first one wanting to go back to the car. I had to laugh as I lied to Pierce over and over again telling him "just a few more steps". His legs were tired and wobbly. So I decided I would carry this 40 pound popsicle the rest of the way. When my mom looked back and saw me carrying him she stopped and said "hand him to me you shouldn't be doing that". She carried him to the end of the trail and he and Ace ran to the car. 
It was a good hike, filled with all the dramatics that we are used to. But it was the last hike of the season. It was the last hike with just three kids. Next summer when the snow melts away we will be hiking with four. It will be a new chapter filled with new chaos. I just hope we didn't scare grandma away! 

an ode to the weekend

Is it really Monday? It has to be since right now I am probably scrambling to get the kids to eat and get dressed and corral them into the car. But can we get another weekend? Because this one was good. 

It started off with Chris and Ace having a Dad and me art class. Which if you thought you saw everything cute in the world with your husband and children think again. Watching them get dressed up was the best, Ace was so excited to have his dad with him at something, since crusty old mom usually goes everywhere. They ended up decorating pumpkins and having so much fun. Guy time is totally a must when it comes to little boys. 

The unthinkable happened Saturday night, and Chris and I were granted another meal together without having to race to see who could finish their food faster, and then stop a food fight from our children. This will go down in history since it was two date nights in one week. My mom is a saint for agreeing to watch the kids around bedtime (also known as the witching hour). But we all knew that by the time she gets back up to Alaska I will be in no mood for date nights, and more than likely concentrating on timing contractions. So this was the golden opportunity. Which also breaks Chris and I's streak of having just about one date night a year since having children! I know I know there is a thing called babysitters, but I have yet to reach that comfort level in my parenting saga. Judge hard. We ate at one of my favorite places, Orso, and it was amazing. We are just conditioned to scarf down our food as fast as possible, and the habit was hard to break. Our waiter made note of it since every time he would put a plate down it was gone by the time he walked by again. Oh parenting how you have changed us so....

Another weird thing happened in this house over the weekend, football mysteriously appeared on my tv. Chris is not a huge football person (thank god, sorry to all you football lovers) so it is rarely on in the house. Hockey and baseball are a different story. But my mom made a solid attempt at changing that. So she enjoyed a game or two to the sounds of Ace and Pierce reenacting what they saw on the screen. Hilarious for all involved!

Finally, I was able to steal my own mom away from my children for a little mommy daughter time. It wasn't easy. The kids really could have cared less about me leaving the house, but were more concerned about where grandma was going. Thanks my little minions, not like I don't slave over you every other day when grandma isn't here. But it was great. I took my mom to my favorite bakery in downtown Anchorage. And it was so nice to just sit and talk without three little voices asking for a million things at once. We also went on a beautiful hike yesterday but I have yet to get all the pictures off my camera. 

How was your weekend? More importantly how is your Monday going so far?