Pardon My French

Jul 29, 2015

chasing kids, chasing waterfalls

We couldn't very well call it a weekend around here if we didn't throw in a hike. Kids have a lot of energy, it is a parents duty to expel all that energy. For us, hiking is the best way to do that where Chris and I get some enjoyment out of it as well. Now, lets throw in a beautiful waterfall and you have a recipe for a..... parents of toddlers anxiety filled soap opera. 
We heard about this waterfall hike a while ago, but everyone that talked about it said that it wasn't very "kid friendly". Then I saw that someone posted on instagram that they had taken their kids there. Their children were a little older than mine, but I happen to think we have some pretty good hikers on our hands, so we said what the hell? Lets go! 

Virgin Falls is a waterfall tucked away in a little town south of Anchorage. We drive down and around Girdwood all the time, so this gave us a chance to explore something that we have clearly missed each time we go. After reading a little bit about the trail I was so excited that it was described as more rain forest like than anything! I mean mixing the Alaskan woods with a little rain forest flare? Can it get better? 
The hike to the waterfall was so quick! Like we walked right passed it because we were thinking, this can't be it, we haven't even hiked half a mile yet. We got on the trail pretty early in the day so there weren't any people around. Instead of stopping we just kept climbing higher and higher. The trail went from somewhat noticeable, to almost non existent. We were just climbing over fallen down trees, jumping over huge holes. Hoisting one child after another over some pretty sketchy terrain. Chris kept saying, "I guess this is what they meant by not kid friendly". So true, we were sweating buckets. Not only was the hike working us out, but the sheer anxiety we had while climbing with the kids, was exhausting!
We hiked for about a mile and stumbled upon this site! I mean, amazing!! The water was so cool, the mist coming down from the water hitting the rocks was so refreshing. The kids loved how loud the water was, and the fact that they could yell so loudly and barely hear each other. We kept a very firm grip on Pierce because well....he's crazy. Avalon was in the backpack at this point because her legs were getting tired from trying to climb over all the exposed tree roots. 

By now we were thinking, yep, back there when we saw that waterfall.....that was probably THE waterfall. So we decided to turn around. If it were just Chris and I hiking we would have probably kept going up the mountain, because eventually it connects with another cool trail. But with kids, it was just getting a little too scary. 
We hiked right back down to the spot we passed from the get go. Only this time there were some red flower petals sprinkled all around, and a bunch of  girls running away in towels???? photo shoot location though! 

We let the kids play down by the waterfall for a bit. It was nice to take a break as well. I would have liked to take more pictures during the hike, but I was too panicky watching all the kids, while trying not to trip with Odette on me. I did document as best I could on snapchat. 
Afterwards we picked up a pizza down in Girdwood and headed to Moose Meadow to let the kids run around a bit more before we headed home. 

I would totally recommend this hike to my fellow Alaskan dwellers. If you don't have kids and want an amazing hike with great views, take the trail or lack thereof, to the top of the mountain! If you have small children, put them on a leash! Or just walk to the falls, which is super short and easy! 

Jul 28, 2015

the deets

blazer: h&m (similar) // tee: nordstrom // jeans: j crew (similar on sale!)
shoes: zara (love these on sale) // clutch: artisan revival // gemstone ring: anjolee jewelry c/o

So, with just about anything in life, it boils down to the details. Small details can change an entire look, whether that is some patchwork on a pair of jeans (which I am loving!). A simple braid thrown into your normal hair routine. Leather accents on an otherwise basic black blazer. Or simple understated jewelry that can be worn with just about everything. 

I love rings! I have fallen even more in love with rings since having children. Rings cannot really be pulled on too much. They don't hurt when your child gets a hold of them. Except in maybe Jimmy Fallon's case where he almost lost his finger thanks to his wedding ring. Did you hear about that? I mean, crazy! But, that hasn't scared me too far away from a ring thing. Okay, story time. So a few years ago during one of our many many moves a huge bag of jewelry was stolen from me. I am talking many many years of buying jewelry. Some family heirlooms, but for the most part just a lot of fashion pieces I had bought. Thank heavens I had all my really expensive pieces in the safe that we had brought with us. Needless to say I was devastated. Since then I haven't really invested in too much of a collection. But, I would never shy away from adding a simple elegant piece that I know I will wear daily, and for years to come. That is the case with this citrine gemstone ring from Anjolee. They are a completely customizable diamond jewelry destination! I mean, you can literally change everything from diamonds, stones, gold, silver, size, shape, let your imagination run wild. I like it, I like it a lot! 

The shipping is fast! And the pieces come wrapped beautifully. Chris was a little jealous of my selection. I think he said something like "does this mean I am off the hook for a holiday or two? ha! 

Check them out, have fun, and maybe hint to your significant other about what you like! Christmas in July? That's a thing right? 

Thank you Anjolee for sponsoring this post.

Jul 27, 2015

These are my confessions

Oh Usher, you and your catchy songs that will now remain in so many people's heads. If you're still singing it by Friday, I apologize.

But, have you ever just had thoughts that you felt like you needed to share? Like, clearly someone else can relate. Or maybe it will just feel good to get it off your chest? That is this post.

-I confess that last week was probably not my best parenting week. One of the days, and I can't remember which one, but the boys were non.stop.fighting. I am talking nothing was working, they just wouldn't stop. One thing they kept fighting over was some stupid map that one of them picked up on a trail. Which one? We will never know, they both claim to have brought it home. No matter how many, "please share", "okay let's just take turns", "seriously? It's just a piece of paper", I threw out there. It wasn't stopping. So finally after about the fifth attempt of sitting down to feed the baby uninterrupted, yet being interrupted by the sounds of an attempted body slam, I got up, grabbed that map, ripped it in half and threw it away! The boys went from being at each others throats to sobbing together on the floor. Like some Band of Brothers, deep in the trenches type shit. "How could she do that?" "Ahhhh such a mean mommy!" It went on and on. Truth be told, I felt bad. Like really bad. But....they stopped fighting. 

-I confess that Avalon has taken to climbing in our bed every night at the strike of 3:00 am, and I have done nothing to stop it. Girl is like clockwork. Her door opens at three on the dot, and she is in my bed and asleep by 3:05. I have no idea what is going on all of a sudden. She normally sleeps like a rock. Maybe last week with Chris gone she just wants to keep me company? Like Odette in the bed isn't enough, we need more. I truly don't mind it. I know I should get up and put her back in her bed but I don't. I am pretty sure Chris was feeling a little crowded over the weekend. Welcome home! You now get all of five inches to sleep on. You're welcome, try not to roll off the bed. 

-I confess that when we head out to the park and we pull up to too many cars in the parking lot, I go find another park. I just can't deal with too many park moms. Yes me and my brood are about to take up a whole lot of real estate at the park. We outnumber your one child three to one. Pierce is a massive three year old, with a full arm cast, so just don't mess with him when he wants to go down the slide. We are SO loud people probably think that an abduction of some kind is happening. Moms look at me like, "isn't she going to quiet them down?". To that I say, nope! We are at the park, not the library, so if my child's vocal range is interrupting your super important conversation about the latest and greatest tupperware....take it to the coffee house folks. This is a park...where children PLAY! LOUDLY! 

-I confess that I have made three hair appointments, and cancelled them all. Well, one was Chris' fault because he got called into work. But, the other two were all me. I have never been this indesisive in my whole life. is just hair. Why am I being picky? Not only that though, but I have yet to find a great hairdresser here. Truth be told, I usually cut and color my own hair in the downstairs bathroom. But, it needs a professional run through. I just know that I will probably only get one shot at an appointment, so in the event that they screw up, I will be left to correcting it myself. No bueno!

-We have three, THREE doctors appointments this week. Pierce will be re-casted tomorrow. Odette has her four month check up, and Pierce has a physical for school. I have already warned Chris that we are going to need wine! Lots and lots of wine! I am probably going to need to drowned out the public display of bipolar parenting that I'm sure will haunt me for all of five minutes. It's not even that I care about what the rest of the world thinks, it is that my own mind can only handle so much. And in all my attempts to space out these appointments, the receptionists just laughed at me. So, light a candle for me. Or just follow me on snapchat (kelsey_pardonmf) because I have no sham when it comes to showing off my mad child wrangling skills!

Do you have anything to confess? Did I scare you away from this blog forever?

I hope not.....

Jul 24, 2015

A few of my favorite things, right now.

We made it to Friday! Everyone pat themselves on the back, because this week was a doozy! I mean down right coo coo for cocoa puffs kind of crazy in this house! I have never been so excited for Chris to come home from a week in the field as I am today! That's probably an exaggeration...but you can feel my desperation I'm sure. 

I have a few things I would like to share with the class though, just a couple things that are on heavy repeat and I can't keep secrets. 
First up, this beach waves spray! I saw it first in this post on Emily's blog and I knew I had to try it out. I love a good beach spray. Even though my hair is too long and too heavy to get the all natural beach wave look, this spray is great as a leave in texturizing spray. Lately I have been spraying it in my hair after I get out of the shower, letting my hair air dry a bit, then wrapping it in a bun. By the time I take it out it has a nice little wave to it which is great! Not to mention the smell is off the hook! Coconut milk and peaches, let's all take a moment to think about what that smells like (even though I already know).

Did you think about it? Heavenly!

Next on the list, sticking with hair, is this Wet brush. Have you heard of it? I originally got it for Avalon because she has the most tender head ev-er! Like if she even sees a brush she flinches. But once I saw how easy it was on her hair I went and got one for myself, because god-forbid we share. Ugh! Foreshadowing to the future with her clearly. It has soft flexible bristles which makes it glide through your hair. I need to keep all the strands I can, because I am still losing handfuls by the day. Thank you hormones.

And last on the beauty line up is this Cushion Blusher. So funky but effective! It is a liquid blush that you just squeeze into the sponge applicator and dab on. Quick, amazing, and affordable! Go get it.

Moving right along to the clothing department...

This coat is one of my Nordstrom sale purchases. I am so very excited to wear it all winter long, so don't judge me if you see it everyday on instagram! Not to mention it is under $50 with the sale still going strong.

Then there is this wide striped sweater I got from J Crew. I love sweaters!! As in the entire top section of my closet is sweaters. It is a strange addiction for someone who grew up in the desert. Maybe I feel like I need to make up for all the sweater wearing I missed out on as a child. But, this one has the perfect amount of slouch to it, while still being fitted. Plus navy and white is just a classic combo.

What are you loving? What are your plans this weekend? Anything fun going on?