Pardon My French

Jul 2, 2015

Sweeter than sweet!

There is a beautiful thing about this whole "blogging world", and that is the sense of community that you build. The relationships, and friendships that grow out of finding a similarity through writing, or photography. It is something that if you are not apart of you might find weird. Like, wait I'm sorry, you are texting a woman you have never met? Having a lengthy conversation about kids, pregnancy weight, and the need for a glass of wine. Chris is still one of those people this is like....I don't get it. And I didn't get it at first either. But now I have these people in my life that I consider real friends, even if we haven't met in real life. You have a common denominator, your blogs. Whether you are blogging as a creative outlet, a hobby, a virtual journal, or it has become your profession, you find yourselves rooting for one another. When you see a new partnership on a post you think, awesome! Good for her! Or when you find a post that you just can't help but nod your way through, you share it. And then when you see a dream come to fruition you think, yaaaas girl...yassss!
That is the case with my friend Kait and her new book Sweet Eats and Dog Treats, available on iTunes! Food is my first language, so I knew I had to get my finger swipe on when she told me this book was ready for download. Not only are the pictures so inviting, but the recipes inside just take you back to your grandma's kitchen table. Especially the ricotta cookies, my childhood favorite! 

The cookbook itself is comprised of gluten free recipes not only for you but for your four legged friends as well. I must admit though, when reading the dog treats section I got in touch with my inner canine and began to salivate! Her chocolate lab Judy is about the cutest thing ever, and clearly her a la cart dessert options make you want to live a day or two in her life. Can I get a hashtag spoiled? In the best way possible, of course. 

As I was swiping through the pages, the kids got a little nosy and said "oooh mom whatcha looking at?" I told them a new cookbook and they immediately pointed out things they wanted to make. First up were the apple nachos!!! I secretly just think Pierce and Ace saw chocolate chips in combination with apples and thought, mom will totally go for that one! 
Such a great snack for the kiddos! I did substitute the caramel for agave sauce, don't kill me Kait! My children happen to not know what caramel is....and I selfishly would like to keep it that way. Somehow I just imagine walking in on Pierce on the kitchen counter, head tossed back, while squeezing caramel into his mouth. Anyway, this recipe.....kid tested mother approved!

We will most definitely be trying more recipes from the book, and it's not too late to whip something up for the long weekend! Be the star of the backyard bbq and bring some ricotta cookies! I mean....that's what I would do.

So, go forth my friends and get Kait's book. And while you're at it, stop by her blog and give her a virtual high five!

If I don't pop in over the next couple days, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Jun 30, 2015

talk to me kids...

As much attitude as my kids throw my way, they make up for it in making me laugh. Their raw honesty never gets old...unless of course they are commenting on my struggle to get into a pair of jeans. Other than that, I quite enjoy the little gems they throw my way. From my house to your screen....
Pierce walking around with his shirt up and a dinosaur attached to his nipple.
Me: Pierce what are you doing?
Pierce: Feeding my dinosaur, what else?

Chris leaving for work:
Ace: Bye, make that money Dad!!

While driving to a trail for a hike:
Ace: do you guys know how to read a map? (looks at map upside down) I gotta learn to read!
Ace: mom there are only six people in the world. Is that a lot?
Me: six people? No that's not a lot.
Ace: okay...what about 162?
Me: one hundred and sixty two people in the whole world? I think there might be more.
Ace: okay....what about 151. 12. 3. and 10.
Me: yea that's a lot.
Ace: see I knew it. I'm like a genius.

While making breakfast one morning:
Me: Pierce, I think your underwear are on backwards.
Pierce: No they not. The tunnel goes in the back!
Chris: The tunnel? What's the tunnel?
Pierce: the TUNNEL!!!!! You know this part (pointing to the little underwear opening).
Me: Oh, but I think that goes in the front.
Pierce: NO! No, the tunnel goes on the butt.
Ace: So mom, how tall are you?
Me: 5 foot 4 inches.
Ace: Whoa! How much does that weigh?
Me: Well it weighs a lot more right about now!

When the temps were higher than normal, and there is no AC in the house:
Ace: Whew! It is hot in here! I need to take off my clothes for real!

Pierce picks up a J Crew catalog:
Pierce: MOM! Look in this book. These are all my girlfriends. Look look at that girlfriend, I gunna marry her with a yucky kiss!

So...who wants to come for dinner at my house?

Jun 29, 2015

Pom Poms

pom pom shorts: target (on sale right now, go get them!!) 
chambray shirt: nordstrom // shoes: zara (old, similar)

If there is a theme going on this summer, it is definitely pom poms on everything! I got Avalon a cute pair of pom pom shorts a couple months ago, and have been wanting a pair for myself. But, I didn't want a booty short pair. I needed something I could rock to the playground, something I could bend over in and not flash the unsuspecting parents and children. Not only THAT, but I needed a pair that were not suffocating on my thighs since they are currently housing the remainder of my baby weight. I saw these at Target about a week ago and knew I had to have them. I actually bought a medium and a small. I am wearing the medium in these pictures, the smalls fit in the waist but are a little tight on the thighs, so they are on deck while I battle with my laziness and unwillingness to get up earlier than I have to, in order to shed these lb's. 

And just my luck they are on SALE right now! Why couldn't they be on sale at my local Target when I had to impulse buy two pairs? Ridiculous! But you should go get a pair. They are so comfortable, mom friendly, and husband approved! (Chris thought they were "super interesting, but cute!") haha!

Jun 28, 2015

Summer Highlight

Since we are in the full swing of summer, our makeup should reflect that a little, right? I mentioned on instagram last week how I have been in love with a more natural makeup look with a real pop of color. In my book that means packing on the highlighter, losing the eyeliner and eye shadow, and instead of contouring, giving my cheeks a sun kissed look. And of course a stand out lip color to top it off! This look is probably the quickest and easiest way to change it up.

Moisture is the name of the game my friends, hydrate yo face! Then you MUST, must must use a primer for this look. I used Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating primer. You are going to be using a good amount of concealer, so you need that extra barrier so your foundation and concealer do not settle into your pores. You want this to look fluid and seamless on your face. Then use your regular foundation. For this I used Maybelline Fit Me foundation, applied with a beauty blender. Since I am going to use a vibrant lip color I also used foundation on my lips to give the lip color the best result. I did a tutorial about it here