Pardon My French

Nov 24, 2015


Why wait for black Friday to start shopping some of the best sales? One of my favorite sales of the year is happening NOW! The Shopbop sale. This is a great one to get a chunk of your holiday shopping done. The more you spend the more you save. So, call your mom, your sister, your best friends, your sister in law twice removed. Anyone. Go in on an order together, so that you all save. 
Shopbop Black Friday Sale
pajamas: splendid
sunglasses: westward leaning
sweaters: blanket cardigans 

This is the perfect sale to grab those pieces that you have been lusting over all year. A great pair of denim. A bag. A trendy stand out piece that will carry you through the season. Those boots that you already asked Santa for, or how about some cute Christmas pjs to lounge around in? 

And this sale is not just limited to shoes and clothes, I had to split it up to showcase some of my favorite items for your home, and of course the kids stuff!

Shopbop Sale

I mean, seriously? There are so many things to choose from. And the best thing is the amazingly fast shipping that comes along with it. Which means I probably won't be wrapping anything because I will be too excited to try it on. 

What are you waiting for? Go forth and play one of Santa's elves! 

Nov 22, 2015

plaid with a side of fringe

 rivers island flannel zip shirt
fall fashion inspiration
asos- rivers island flannel zip shirt
flannel zip shirt with fringe
fall outfits
flannel shirt: asos // turtleneck: zara // leather leggings: nordstrom
boots: stuart weitzman // hat: target (similar)

Since winter in Alaska lasts for longer than I care to discuss, I am constantly on the lookout for warm layering pieces. Things that I can get away with outside running errands without having to throw on my michelin man jacket. This flannel fringe top is a welcomed addition to my cold weather collection. It is thick, but not bulky. I sized up to a medium because I wanted some length, and room to throw layers on underneath. But you could totally get away with a smaller size and wearing it as a killer shirt! It is also the perfect tent like design for a Thanksgiving meal, a maternity shirt would be sooooo cute too! I am not currently pregnant. Although this would be my best friend if I was. 

Add it to your Christmas's a good one!

Just a short post for today, you know, it's Monday....we still don't know what we are doing for Thanksgiving....yadda yadda yadda!

Nov 19, 2015

Everyday Clean

I wish I could say that my house is in decent looking shape everyday, but that would be a bold faced lie. I mean, I try to keep a sub-standard clean house on the regular but the fact is, I am outnumbered. I could pick up and wipe down until my OCD heart is content, but my children would laugh at me as they wipe their faces on the side of the couch, or use my windows and walls as their pad of paper. So when it comes to cleaning products I need things that work! Like really give it to my children's messy little fingers. So that when sleep schedules allow I can let my inner cringing clean heart get to work. 

A little bit ago I introduced you to a great company, Everyday Happy. You can read more from this post. But today I am back with their latest release, home cleaning products
Everyday Happy
Seriously, I was probably a little too excited about these coming in the mail. Does anyone else have an obsession with cleaning products and office supplies? Maybe we save that for another post. Anyway, these are amazing. Which I could have expected because all the other products I've tried are on par.

Everyday Happy- Home Care Products
Not only did they arrive quickly at my door, LOOK at this packaging!!! The box, the colors, the stuffing. I am a sucker for presentation and they get an A++. 

First thing I noticed with the products was the smell. These are plant based products, that also contain oils to keep your surfaces sparkly clean, but do not do any damage. The smell is so clean, but I feel like you can smell the different ingredients. Since Odette is at the stage of, let me lick everything I can put my mouth on, I feel confident letting her gnaw on the side of the table after wiping it down with this cleaner. 

Mom of the year over here. 
Everyday Happy Products
Put them to work! Gotta earn your keep in this house. 

The other product that I was impressed by was the Power Sponge. It takes crayon and pen off the walls, water spots off stainless steel, and smudge marks off the base boards. Also any sales of the power sponge will go to UNICEF. 

Honestly, I have been working with Everyday Happy and the people, customer service and company background are amazing. You can read more about Elle, their community manager and how she balances motherhood, and working on a start-up company, all while training for the NYC marathon. Some seriously good stuff my friends. 

And for those that emailed me about ordering kits online from my previous post, Everyday Happy is now offering Pardon My French readers 40% off any order of $50 or more. Starting November 27 through November 29th. Use code: EDHBF-PM-FRENCH at checkout. 

Add this to your Black Friday shopping list. Your house deserves it!

Huge thank you to Everyday Happy for sponsoring this post!

Nov 18, 2015

jeweled shoulder

sweater: j crew // blazer: banana republic // jeans: old navy // shoes: converse 

Okay, guys. Don't think I am a total creep, but, who is ready to open their house up to me and my heathens? It is too damn cold for me. Like, nose hairs freezing upon opening the door. My windows frozen shut. And my children saying, "but mom it too cold to go out there, just leave me inside". So we are seeking refuge....preferably somewhere that is in the 60's, sunshine, a light jacket possibly required. Anyone got that? Don't tempt me.....

But really I have nothing to complain about because while we were indoors trying to make new friends at a playgroup (more on that in a second) Chris was enduring a twelve mile ruck march in -10 degree weather. Kind of puts heat and seat warmers into perspective. 

And as far as Pierce making friends in's gunna be touch and go. He is his mothers son. Tells it like it is. No filter, no holding back, just pure honesty. He told a kid he smelled. I mean, he said it not me. And he didn't say it discretely. It was in a very four year old observation fashion, also known as LOUD! Safe to say we are back to the drawing board when it comes to finding new indoor places to go. 

Which brings me to outfit planning when living in Alaska. If you know you will be entering the great indoors then throwing on a cute sweater is still a necessity. You will eventually peel off the layers. And this grey jeweled number is too perfect. The back zipper pretty much sold me, I mean the details. I did however dress it down with some high tops, but it could just as easily transition to night with a pair of killer grey pumps. 

Do we agree? Yes. Okay.